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Reflections from the Dance

This section is is a space for dancers to share deeper experiences in a thoughtful way: very often inspirations emerge into words at odd times but insistently, and we reach for that back-of envelope when some feelening becomes thingking becomes crystalised into a justso expression. We hope that everyone can contribute to this, sharing their feelings and thoughts  - emotions recollected in tranquillity, as our nature-dancer Cumbrian friend Wordsworth reflected.

Write when where and how you are inspired, in the spirits of your encountering and understanding the five rhythms of the dance, and your own vivacity and wisdom. Send it in to us by email: we may suggest with you some edits for clarifications before we publish your thoughts. 

And to the 5Rhythms teachers with whom we dance: we welcome your voices also -  these could potentially spark/deepen conversations and reflections from dancers.

About 'stillness':

Robin Duckett

(I wrote this after a Dance group in Bologna with Olivia Palmer)
I was touched by Olivia's reference to ‘the challenge of stillness’, and also have noticed the ‘lying on the floor’ trait in some dance groups. I’ve puzzled before about it, and after Olivia's comment, this is what I thought:
One of the complexities lies in the word ‘stillness’ in English; others lie in the idea of ‘still mediation’ and stilling the body to complete passivity, for other meditative/connective reasons. 

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Breathing, connecting, body, grounding. What a relief!

Sarah Horn

Being a novice to Five Rhythms, I am still very much learning. About a year ago I began to feel at a body level the want to connect to movement and dance. This led me to seek out a group that would faciliate that. Almost falling into my lap I came across the Wavedance Five Rhythms group who meet regularly. And located virtually on my doorstep!

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